Thursday, July 31, 2014

June and July's Tunes

Hello lovelies! I forgot to do a monthly list of my favorite songs for June, so this one is gonna be a smush of June and July. I can't believe it's already the end of July??? Here's my top 5 songs that I've been in love with these past two months:

5. There Will Come A Time - Noah And The Whale
I heard this song on Spotify radio and loved it instantly. I need to start listening to Noah And The Whale more.

4. Hunger Of The Pine - Alt-J
AHHHHH I cannot wait for Alt-j's sophomore album!!! Yay!!!! At first, I didn't know how I felt about this track, but now I'm sure that I love it. It's weird, but Alt-j is weird.

3. Soul Trippin - Swim Deep
I've been listening to Swim Deep a lot lately, and I think I've decided that this is my favorite song off of Where The Heaven Are We.

2. Fire - Jake Bugg
I didn't listen to Jake Bugg for the longest time due to post-concert-depression, but after I came back from England, I was in full Jake Bugg mode. This is the one I listened to the most.

1. Shell Across The Tongue - Drowners
I love this song. I love this song!!! Such a good song to be angry to.

xx Alyssa

Monday, July 28, 2014

Art Camp #3: Mike Kelley at MOCA, Little Tokyo, and Santa Monica

Helllooooo lovelies! We had this past weekend at art camp off from classes since not everyone is boarding... so all of the residential kids (like me) went on some field trips that were super fun.

We got to see the Mike Kelley exhibition at MOCA, which I thought was really cool and interesting and weeeeeeird. We explored Little Tokyo too, which was right next to the museum. This mirror selfy was taken in a giant rubiks-cube thingy from a Japanese Heritage musuem.

We also got to go to Santa Monica (where I go often) to shop around and eat and hang out by the beach, which was nice. This is the perfect combination of pink and fluffy. 

Oh, the hair you find in a collection of art camp students.

I got these Agyness Deyn Dr. Martens at Urban Outfitters. They are BEAUTIFUL and I'm in love.

xx Alyssa

Friday, July 25, 2014

Art Camp #2: Pizza Party & Tattoos

Art camp is going great. I've met loads of new friends, learned a bunch already, and explored a part of the art world I've never really understood (aka sculpture). My program at UCLA has been really awesome so far. We took a trip to the Getty Center today, which was nice as I haven't been there in absolutely forever. This weekend we're going to LACMA, which will be fun too.

Overalls, bracelets, and my Dr. Martens.

We had a pizza party on the stairs of the art building.

I really like pizza.

Oh hey, another picture of food! I just wanted to demonstrate how much food I eat in the mornings here. So good.

My friend/roomate has this awesome tattoo. One kid here is from Egypt, and so he helped us understand the meaning - "to be strong," or, "to stay strong."

Can't wait for the weekend!

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Dr. Martens Collection (July 2014)

Hello lovelies! Ah, I've added another pair of Dr. Martens to my collection... Looks like it's time for an update :) I have loads of sentimental value infuuuuused in these shoes, and so I thought I'd write little anecdotes about each one, in chronological order:

1. Union Jack 1460s 
This was my first pair of Dr. Martens that I got as a graduation gift one summer (well, I payed for half). They're my favorite, mainly because they were my first babies and I am such an Anglophile it's insane. I've worn these to countless concerts, but only ones that have a band/artist from the UK performing: basically every concert I go to. Some notable moments: I met Ed Sheeran, talked to Luke Pritchard from The Kooks while I was front row at their Troubadour show earlier this year. and touched Chris Martin of Coldplay in these.

2. Brown Made in England 1460s
I got these at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for like, 30$. They're my dirty boots, and I wear them on hikes and explorations and stuff. My main love for these is because I wore them to my first-ever music festival, Coachella 2013.

3. Portland Rose 1461s
These are my only other store bought, full price docs... I got them as a birthday present two years ago. I imagine walking down Brighton Pier in England wearing these, listening to The Kooks and holding someone's hand.

4. Black Made In England 1460s
I got this pair (the one without laces) at the Melrose Trading Post about a year ago. They were pretty beaten up when I got them, and still are - but that's what gives them character. They're really old (ha). I love them, though. These were the boots I brought to Ireland last summer and England this summer, my two favorite trips/adventures ever. I also wore them the last night of my last time at real summer camp last summer, which is ~emotional~ for me. 

5. Black 101 (6-hole)
These are basically the classic Dr Martens boot, but with 6 holes instead of 8. My newest addition, I bought these for 40 bucks at the Melrose Flea Market like two weeks ago. They look brand new, and are Made In England, so that's super cool considering I payed like 30% of the original price. My black 1460s are going to be retired now (unless I decide to wear them for arting or something), so these are my new black boots. Can't wait to make more memories with them!!!

As you can probably tell, I'm emotionally attached to my Dr. Martens. Is that a bad thing?

xx Alyssa

Art Camp #1: Cardboard, Elephant Pants, and Gareth Bale

Hellooooo lovelies! Woooooo I love art camp. Everyone here is so so nice, and I'm learning lots of new things about sculpture (as I know basically nothing about sculpture). Here's some photos of our first day at work:

Cutting out egg/amoeba shapes in cardboard for our first project.

Yay cardboard!!!

Elephant pants in the studio.

Real Madrid is practicing at UCLA right now, and so I went to see Gareth Bale, one of my favorite footballers (I support Tottenham, his old club). I died.

Still working!!!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Elephant Pants

Hellooooo lovelies!!! It's my second day at art camp at UCLA, and I'm loving it. I've made lots of friends, and it's really cool to see how art is in a collegiate setting (aka dorms, meals, activities around campus)!

I have no one to take photos of my outfit so here's some photo booth selfies of me in my dorm.

Today I'm wearing a black crop top from Forever 21, elephant pants my grandma got me in Cambodia, and black Dr. Martens that I got from the Melrose Trading Post.

xx Alyssa

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photos from Istanbul & Tanzania

Hello lovelies!!! I've just returned from a trip to Turkey and Tanzania, and so I wanted to share a few photos I took during the trip.

My brother and I saw this adorable cat lounging in a store near the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our first sighting of the safari was this lil giraffe.

And later, elephants came right up to our vehicle. 

Here's a photo of the sunrise in front of one camp we stayed at in Tarangire National Park.

And one of me with some moonrise kingdom vibes looking at all of the pretty animals (these ones were lions, to be specific).

xx Alyssa